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Just Like Us

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Paris Hilton: From Tabloid Obsession to Titan of the Attention Economy

The hotel heiress’s stormy relationship with Lindsay Lohan was paparazzi catnip. She projected an image as the ultimate ditz, but she understood her worth better than anyone gave her credit for.

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TMZ Updated a Classic Tabloid Tactic for the Internet Age

The celebrity news website that mainstream outlets hate to cite (but do) has paid for photos and videos for years, same as the print tabloids before it. But when you ask whether it pays for tips, the answer becomes more opaque.

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Coverage of the Brad-Jen-Angelina Love Triangle Was a Morality Play About Infidelity and Motherhood

And the way the tabloids framed each character, especially Aniston and Jolie, was not very good for women

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The Paparazzi Are the Chaotic Lifeblood of the Tabloid Industry

And in Episode 2 of ‘Just Like Us: The Tabloids That Changed America,’ Clare Malone examines the extreme practices and wobbly ethics that garnered huge payouts for shots of Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston, and other 2000s luminaries

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For Better and for Worse, the Original Bennifer Birthed the 2000s Tabloids Boom

On the debut episode of ‘Just Like Us: The Tabloids That Changed America,’ Clare Malone tells the story of the original Bennifer, and explains how coverage of the Hollywood power couple got complicated fast

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Introducing ‘Just Like Us: The Tabloids That Changed America’

Clare Malone goes behind the scenes of the 2000s celebrity obsession in The Ringer’s new narrative podcast